Monday, August 8, 2011

Once Upon A Time-ABC new Television Series

Once Upon a time is an Upcoming Fantasy/Drama television Show on the ABC network as of October 23 2011.The series will air on Sunday night at a 45 minute Run time.
Once Upon A time is of a modern day Fairy tale Story Developed and Written by the Creators of the Hit Tv Series Lost which will surely provide Viewers with A plot and Story line that is intriguing and originality will be Emphasised as the Adaptation of Famous FairyTale Characters are Embedded into This Fantasy/Drama Show.We took the time to do some research on the Series itself and the basic synopsis which will follow afterwards.
28 year old Emma  Swan is responsible for the well being of herself as she was Abandoned as a baby and now a Bail Bonds Collector.10 years ago she had a son of which she had left however when he finds her,mysterious events begin.Henry-(Emma's son) desperately seeks her help as he believes that she is from an Alternate Dimension of which she is a Princess and the Daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming. In accordance to the Fairytale book he possess, Emma was sent away by her parents to protect her from the Evil Queens deceit and curse which has Froze fairy tale time and Stuck it in time but as an adult,Emma feels that Henry is just a child and doesnt take heed to the message he is trying to deliver.She brings him back to Storybrooke in which she forms a sudden fascination with the boy and the New England town. The story depicts Storybrooke as being a magical town that is somewhat connected to fairy tale land but magic has been forgotten however is believed to be close to were Fairy tale Characters exist,but as humans and have no memory of who they really are.The Fight between Good and Evil is the Central theme around this story and brings to life ll your childhood Fantasies and Dreams into a Mind Blowing, suspense filled Series that has alot of Entertrainment to offer. Stay in tuned for all the Latest News on this Fantasy Driven Televsion Show.
Once Upon A Time Official Trailer Below


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