Monday, August 8, 2011

Top 3 Details on ABC's ONCE UPON A TIME television show

Snow White can Fight- Snow white,commonly known for being pale and a sweet Princess in FairyTale land,humbled and seeking lover HOWEVER that's not the case in ABC's Once Upon A Time. In this Fairytale Adaptation Snow White will Be pregnant , Fiesty and Swinging Swords at you! Is that not the most coolest Princess of FairyTale Land to be show Once Upon A Time
Queen Of Darkness: When we think of an Evil Queen,we think of someone that maybe harsh on rules and expects to be treated like a Goddess HOWEVER the Mean Queen in this Show went as far as Erasing Everyone's memories,including herself and Freezing FairyTale Land......She is going to cause some real Drama in the Show
Graphic Fantastic: If you take a look at the Graphics and Special Effercts on the Pilot of the Show,Than be Rest Assured that this is not any Cheap Sci fi-Fantasy but an actualt Movie Quality Special Effects show that will be proved in the Flash Back scenes that will be aired on the Pilot in October. Stay in tuned for more news on ABC's "Once Upon A Time".


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