Friday, August 26, 2011

Do you have a clue what Once Upon A Time is about? We do

Does anyone die? Does any one turn to stone? Does any one transform into Barney? Thats the million dollar questions that we all
would really like to find out from the Fantasy show Once Upon A Time so i thought that maybe we could put together a
scenarios that could be the possible story line according to what the Lost Writers would think off but bare in mind that the following
is strictly from our brilliance and not associated to The Lost Writers because we knew from the start that they were lost....
in their minds....okay maybe not. Check out this possible plot for Once Upon A Time tv show:

Scenario 1
In the land of fairytales and fantasy, lived Snow White and her Prince Charming who fell inlove when he kissed and woke her up however
there was an evil witch who had the hots for prince charming and when she realized that because Snow White Slept so much due to
her curse she ended up becoming exceptionally unhealthy and obese and than Prince Charming became Prince Charmless on a diet.
The Evil Queen was terribly angry and froze time in Fairytale land to stop Snow White and Prince charming from becoming
very very big and than sooner or later Bigger.Flash Foward.....................2099.................Emma Swan,terminator/Hotty/Vampire and Werewolf in disguise 
finds her little man who looks like aboy but is actually the son of Bob Proctor.How do you think he knows all the Secrets,something to think about.
Okay that could be the story line, i don't now but i would certainly want to watch something like that,it would tickle my funny bone however lets just add that the Lost
writers are absolutely creative and their work speaks for itself and i'm convinced that the show will be a huge success.
Once Upon A Time-Online would like to hear from our readers which is why we would like you to look at the Scenario we just wrote and Continue the Story.Email it
to us at and we will choose the most creative from the lot and make it an Exclusive Post.
All the Best and stay Enchanted


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