Thursday, August 25, 2011

Jennifer Morrison general Biography for free

Jeniffer Morrison, the lead Star of Once Upon A Time and i must add,such a brilliant choice,She is truly a Beautiful Woman playing a beautiful role. Jennifer Marie Morrison, she Doesn't really strike me as a Marie,maybe that's just me who feels that way however Jenn is actually a model,actress and film Producer.Quite Impressive indeed.We may recognize her from hit television show House MD as well as How I Met Your Mother.
Jennifer was born in Chicago,Illinois, the state of Stars.It seems that Chicago is the Main Hub for the birth of Actors. It became apparent that her role in House was not renewed thus she later starred in a few small projects until she landed the role of Zoey Pierson in How I Met Your Mother.
That's quite a very short Bio but it's the facts and i think what we all really want to know is whether this Model/Actress/Film Producer has been involved in any juicy Scandal and i definitely need to find out if she is married.....besides the pretty face,Jeniffer has quite the Acting Skills to blow your mind away and the big blue eyes is just a winner.
Stay tuned as we unravel a few mysteries of our Lead Star in Once Upon A Time both on set and off as well as bring to you a few insider videos that you will certainly enjoy. Lets take a look at her as a person just for an instance,we watch her on set and also off and it was quite impressive to find her to be humble and outgoing.Take a look at the posters that we recently published of Jennifer Morrison and be here on the night of 23 October when the Official release takes place.


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