Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Mirror Mirror on the Wall, This Snow White is Feistier than All-Once Upon A Time Cast

Ladies and Gentleman, we welcome you to feast you r eyes on the Fairest of them all,yes we are talking about Snow White without her seven little men but that besides the point because in this fantasy/Drama show,She is thrown together with Prince Charming much faster than you would expect and let us add that she is been spiced up as you will see the Calm and Sensitive Princess Swinging a Sword and getting Down And Dirty with Evil.
Okay so we got a rather short Synopsis of what the Legendary Disney Character Snow White is all about. She is A very very Pale girl that is sweet and a Typical Princess that's exceptionally beautiful as well as trusting.She meets an Evil Witch that poisons her Apple and She is left with Seven Dwarves fast asleep until her Prince Charming Kiss and she will Awake....Once Upon A Time Writers used the same concept however changed it into a large proportion and tried to depict past the meeting and falling in love between Snow White and Prince Charming. It;s rather an Interesting Concept and i"m certain the series will have allot to offer from the Photographic Skills and Cinematic Look to the Pilot


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