Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Prince Charming Reloaded-Once Upon A Time Cast

Prince Charming is said to be the Romeo of fairy tale land,his dashing looks and Romantic gestures makes him the ultimate Pretty boy Prince ,his appearance in Cartoons movies such as even Shrek depicts this Prince as a Ladies Man however we decided to take a look at how the Writers of hit series Lost have decided to depict the Famous Prince Charming in Fairy Tale Fantasy show Once Upon A Time but we will give you an insight of what the books depict him as.....
Prince Charming is known in multiple Stories, He is known for appearing and Rescuing many Princess in Distress and the orthodox story plot of the prince to venture out on a quest to rid the Princess of the Evil that is bestowed upon her so in a sense that gives us a small piece of information regarding what the role entails.Yo are going to see Prince Charming in Once Upon A Time seeking to protect and Rescue his Princess which will be Snow White which again reveals that Script Writers are going to put her under alot of trouble and this Young man who was frozen in time will surely jump at the chance to rescue her.
Read our small biography of Snow white which is rather tied up to this Article on Prince Charming.


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