Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Once Upon A Time in a land of television and fantasy existed a fansite

Once upon a time it was never expected that i would be writing about a fantasy show based on Fairytale Stories and characters but here i am, about to divulge a huge load of information and i'm actually enjoying it. Okay now that some of us know about this ABC show,we still unaware of whether this is something like the Vampire Diaries or Fringe and honestly its not However Once Upon A Time is on a rank of it's own.I wouldn't class it with the orthodox/normal type of Fictional Sci-Fi Fantasy shows that hit our television sets based on the ideas that surround this show.
When i first heard about this fantasy series i was absolutely skeptical because we don't want to watch something for kids,right? but when i got my hands on a bit of top secret information,it blew my mind away.  Firstly it is absolutely amazing that A series filled with suspense and action features characters like Snow White and Prince Charming.That's definitely not normal,i bet you wouldn't find that occurring in any of the books but bare in mind,The main plot/story is not really attached to the story books.Secondly,the writers of LOST are the central focus of this show, just based on that statement i don't think you need another reason to watch Once Upon A Time, those guys are amazing at putting together a script that is mind boggling, it gets some of us thinking,using our imagination hey and well that's if we actually do have an imagination.....but nevertheless watch the show and maybe you might be enchanted. 
If you are someone that is a critique than this is something for you guys,it will let you get onto some positive criticism,explore alternate endings or what is to be unfolded at the end of each cliff hanger.In other words,Everyone should be able to watch Once Upon A Time, from 1 to 100,males to females,you all can and you can be rest assured that it is in no way,overrated or X-rated so you can watch with your mom or dad or your kids or even your pets.I would like to thank you for reading this article and if you can, check out one of the exclusive trailers.


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